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New Chauffeur License Rules effective October 19, 2016.

Taxi Driver Assaulted

Taxi Driver Stabbed 4200 N. Sacramento June 22 2015 11:35PM – No one Arrested Yet

Paris Taxi’s Protest Uber

Paris Taxi-Driver’s Protest Uber Angry Parisian taxi-drivers protest against competition from unlicenced Uber cars.  

Taxi Meter App

Taxi Meter App The Nevada Taxicab Authority unanimously approved special charges for the use of app on taxi rides.  

Lawsuit claims Uber cofounders stole idea for ride-sharing app

Every new startup wants to be the “Uber of . . .” its own industry, but now an entrepreneur is…

Uber leaves Kansas, could your state be next?

The Kansas law requires transportation network companies, which is the legislature’s term for ridesharing, to adhere to certain rules including…