UTCC’S Code of Conduct & Ethics

Establishing and maintaining public confidence in the honesty, integrity, professionalism, and ability of a director of United Taxidrivers Community Council (UTCC) is fundamental to the future success of UTCC. This Code of Conduct & Ethics will be necessary and beneficial to the general public and contribute to the continued development of a mutually beneficial relationship among UTCC, members and the public.

UTCC seeks to work closely with all of its members to protect and enhance the interests of the public and taxi drivers. To this end, UTCC has adopted, and made as a condition of serving as a director or a steering committee member, this Code of Conduct & Ethics.

UTCC recognizes the vital need to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among those who are elected as directors and steering committee members. To this end, directors and steering committee members of UTCC shall have subscribed to the following pledge:

I pledge myself to the advancement of UTCC through the mutual efforts of my fellow directors, steering committee members and by any other proper means available to me.

I pledge myself to seek and maintain an equitable, honorable, and cooperative association with directors, steering committee members, and with others who may become a part of my business and professional life.

I pledge myself to place honesty, integrity, and industriousness above all else; to pursue my gainful efforts with diligent study and education to the end that service to UTCC shall always be maintained at the highest possible level, in local, state and national scopes.

Directors and steering committee members must also pledge that they will:
Exercise loyalty to, protect the interests of and act in the best interest of UTCC and its members and shall not engage in any activity which could be reasonably construed as contrary to the best interests of UTCC.

Avoid any actual and/or apparent conflict of interest with UTCC in both personal and professional relationships

Deal fairly and in good faith with the other directors of UTCC and UTCC’s officers, members, business partners, and others.

Promote the responsible use and control of UTCC ’s assets and resources; UTCC ’s assets shall only be used for the legitimate business purposes of UTCC.
Regularly attend and participate in all board of director and/or steering committee meetings.

Keep and maintain accurate financial and business records concerning UTCC, which records shall be available for inspection at all reasonable times by other directors of UTCC.

NOT commingle personal or company funds of UTCC or use funds of UTCC for the benefit of others, but shall keep the funds of UTCC in a fiduciary account in an insured financial institution or as otherwise directed in writing by UTCC

Exert due diligence for the maintenance and protection of the funds of UTCC against all reasonably foreseeable contingencies and losses.

NOT make, authorize or otherwise encourage any unfounded derogatory or disparaging comments concerning the practices of another director, officer resident or member of UTCC.

Exercise loyalty to the interests of UTCC and be diligent in the maintenance and protection of the interests and property of UTCC.

Conduct UTCC business and personal activities with knowledge of and in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and maintain the highest moral and ethical standards consistent with the standards and the purposes of UTCC.

Any violation by a director or steering committee member of the obligations of this Code can be grounds for removal by a 2/3rd majority of the board or steering committee, to be determined in accordance with and pursuant to the terms of the bylaws and rules and regulations of UTCC.

The information provided above is just a brief summary of the Code of Conduct & Ethics. If you would like to see the detailed document, please contact UTCC Secretary Peter Enger at paenger@yahoo.com.